September 7, 2020

Business Email

Email can be confusing. Let us help!

There are several options available to you for business email services. Some of these are listed below. Our current recommendation for most businesses is the hosted email server option. It is the most affordable for most businesses and gives the most flexibility for the money you pay. We can set up any of these types for you, including migrating your email from wherever it is now!

  1. Email hosting by the undisputed professionals of the business. You can pay Microsoft or Google to host your business mail for you. This typically runs about $5/month/user. Each user can have multiple email addresses, so you can have a personalized email address (yourname@) as well as a department-type email address (sales@).
  2. {Our Favorite} Hosted email server – You can rent a server hooked up to the Internet to do whatever you wish with (known as a VPS). We can set up a full-featured email server on this server for you, and configure it with your email addresses. This typically runs about $24/month and allows you to create an unlimited number of email addresses. Your only limit will be storage space on the server for the actual emails. In most cases, if your web site is not complex, your web site can also be installed here.
  3. Web hosting – Some web hosts offer email hosting as well. So if you have a web site, you already may have access to email hosting. This used to be our recommendation, but have found that most web hosts are not providing very good email services anymore.

Give us a call or email today and we can help you figure out what is best for you!