December 8, 2017

Online Purchasing

You can purchase from us and let us worry about getting your electronics here at the best price! But if you want to do it yourself, here are some options for you.

Online purchasing in a small community is often the least expensive and quickest way to get electronic and computer equipment. Below is a list of online vendors that we have found to be reliable.

One of the main vendors that we use here at Outsmartin Technology Inc., you can often get a better than list price by contacting them for a quote. In-stock items will often ship the next day and we typically receive the items within a day or two. They are a Canadian-based company with offices across Canada.


Amazon sells all kinds of items and typically has a very good price. It can sometimes be difficult to determine where the item is shipping from and therefore, how long it will take to be received. Shipping is often free.


NCIX is based in Richmond, BC and typically has good prices. Their weekly specials are often hard to beat. Due to their proximity shipping is usually very quick.


NewEgg is a US-based company and is known for their specials and good prices.