December 6, 2017


Backup Important Files

We all have files that are important to us. These may be pictures of children or grandchildren or maybe important documents. It can be very easy to lose these files if you only have them in one place. With a network-attached storage device (NAS) in your home, you can have these important files backed up for you, in most cases automatically. Some NAS devices will even connect directly to your TV to allow you to view pictures and videos stored on them. Others allow you to connect easily from other devices, such as a Roku to view these files. You can often set these NAS devices up so that you can access files on them when you aren’t even at home!

Purchasing a Computer

You need a new computer, but you’re not too sure what to get? Check here for some recommendations.

Purchasing a Printer

You want to buy a new printer, but there are so many options you’re not sure where to start? Check this post for some guidance.

VOIP Home Phone

For as little as $80 in setup costs, convert your existing home phone system into one that uses your home Internet connection. With costs of under $5 per month, start saving on your monthly home phone bill! With this setup, your home phone number can travel with you anywhere you have an Internet connection.


Online Purchasing

So you’ve read up on a project and you’re ready to buy. But where can you go? Check this link out for some of our recommendations.


Projects Coming Soon!

Look here soon for various other projects that we can help you with. Feel free to suggest projects to us that you might be interested in! Future projects that we will be posting include:

  • security camera installation
  • home media centre
  • VOIP business phones
  • setting up a website
  • setting up an email domain
  • setting up a file server
  • setting up a network attached storage system
  • Raspberry PI computer with touchscreen
  • preparing your home or office for fibre Internet