December 7, 2017

Purchasing a Computer

Purchasing a Computer
Hardware: $700-$3000
Consulting: $60

One frequent question we get asked is what is a good computer to purchase. Often this depends on what you require the computer for, but we will give you some good options below. Specifications for computers change so frequently that it would be almost no use for us to provide you with detailed computer specifications. Rather, we will focus on the two primary use cases for computers:

  1. General / Business
    If you typically use your computer for general office tasks, such as checking email, creating documents, spreadsheets, browsing the Internet, this is the class of computer you would be looking for. It will handle watching movies and web-based games, as well as all kinds of office tasks.
  2. Gaming
    If you frequently play immersive video games (the kind of games that are 3D realistic and generally cost money), you will likely want a gaming computer. These generally have faster processors, more RAM and a dedicated video card or GPU.

We have found that the price doesn’t change drastically as the technology changes, so average prices are included below. These can also serve as a good general recommendation for when you are choosing a computer to purchase. For instance, if you’re looking at a $300 office computer are you sure it will be fast enough for your needs?

One last thing to remember is that the differences in laptop and desktop prices are not huge. Typically a laptop will be slightly more expensive than a laptop and will generally not last as long. A laptop will also generally be more expensive to repair and maintain.

Recommended Computer Brands

For our clients, we typically recommend the following brands. We have found them to be the most reliable and deliver the best value for your money.

General / Business

HP or Lenovo


MSI or ASUS RoG (Republic of Gamers)


General / Business

For a typical use office or home computer, we recommend at least an Intel Core i3 or Core i5 processor. There are many other less expensive processor options, but they will be slower and generally lead to frustration when they are being used frequently. For most users, the video output built into most current processors will be adequate, so you will not require a separate GPU or video card.

Entry level: $700
Average: $900
Above Average: $1050


For a gaming computer, you will want at least an Intel Core i5 and more likely a Core i7 processor. Most current processors come with video output built in, but this will not be adequate for most games so you will also want to ensure that the laptop comes with a discrete/dedicated GPU or if you’re purchasing a desktop, a video card.

Entry level: $1200
Average: $1500
Above Average: $3000+


We can help you pick out a computer and then set it up for you. If you have special requirements, we can custom build a system to meet your exact needs.

All costs are approximate as of the publishing of this project and are subject to change. Please contact us if you require updated pricing, alternative solutions or have any questions!